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Summary of Consultation

Remember what we said about stakeholders ?

There are some questions that can conveniently be discussed according to the parties involved.
Which questions are these ?

1) Pros and Cons Questions that ask you to assess impact because the impact must be experienced by specific parties

– Once the parties involved have been identified, please remember that – where possible – you can sensibly subdivide the parties further

e.g. Advertising is more harmful than beneficial. Discuss

Identify the parties who could experience harm or benefit : the viewers, the product manufacturers/service providers who advertiser, the advertising industry, society as a whole

The viewers can be subdivided further : discerning viewers who think critically; viewers who are less critical or more gullible

2) Questions with verbs that point to action because specific parties have to act, and their actions can be evaluated 
(e.g. Have we done enough to help the poor ?)


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