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Structure for Questions with a past-present comparison prompt (“still”, “no longer” etc.)

Consider these GP essay questions :

Are traditional gender roles still relevant ?

Is the television obsolete ?

Do we still need libraries ?

Has travel become increasingly unimportant ?

The topics  (in red) can change, but the basic approach to the question need not.

Step 1 : What are the functions of the topic ? (tv, libraries, gender roles, travel etc.) Identifying the functions will help you decide which functions have been affected by change, and which ones have not.

Step 2 : What are the factors that stimulate change ? (technology ? laws and other government initiatives ? exposure to new or foreign things and ideas ? education ? affluence ? etc) What kind of changes take place as a result ? Have the original functions been affected ?

Step 3 : Which parties are affected by the change ? (consumers ? businesses ? the government ? ) How are they affected ? Which parties/groups are not so affected by the change, hence sustaining the relevance/importance of the topic in question ?

These steps help you get a fuller answer, and you can then decide how you want to sensibly arrange these ideas.

Click here for a sample outline


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