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The impact of technology on leisure interests

Computers, the internet :
less physical,
more sedentary,
less outdoors,    i.e. not attending to what people need naturally like the outdoors, nature, face-to-face interaction
can be more solitary, or more social (via social networking sites or multiplayer games),
gives pple more exposure to existing leisure activities (via websites, how-to videos, online forums for enthusiasts)
online activities like shopping
showcasing talent on video-sharing sites
reading online or using e-books
making money from online businesses or from new leisure activities like gaming

The ugly, destructive side : gaming addiction, online gambling, exposure to pornography, cam-whoring and sexting as new pastimes

The availability and affordability of other forms of technology encourage the popularity of other leisure activities, such as going to the gym, travel, robotics, motorsports


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