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Have you set your mind on preparing for the Politics/Government question this year ?

If you have, here is a quick look at some questions that focus on government.

(Bear in mind of course, there are other questions that will have a political or government point-of-view, among other perspectives)

Disclaimer : More notes, outlines. links etc. will be added to this post

Consider the view that efficient government is more important than democracy. (2011)

Only educated people should have the right to vote in elections. What is your view ? (2010)

The questions above require an evaluation of democracy.

No politician’s reputation can survive the judgement of time. How true is this ? (2010)

A good leader must always look beyond the needs of his or her country. Do you agree ? (2003) 

The questions above require an understanding of leaders’qualities.

To what extent do the young people in your society take an interest in politics ? (2006)

The question above focuses on the concern of leadership succession.

Does the presence of a foreign power ever help a country with problems ? (2008)

Can small countries have a significant voice in world affairs ? (2004)

The questions above are about international politics

How far should countries aim to be self-sufficient ? (2011)

Should every country have the right to carry out unlimited scientific research ? (2009)
How far should religion influence political decisions ? (2009)

How far should the state have a right to monitor the actions of people within its borders ? (2007)
Should poorer countries develop their tourist indutry when the basic needs of their own people are not being met ? (2007)
To what extent should the state involve itself in the world of business ? (2005)
People, not the government, should decide how to organise their lives. Is this a fair comment ? (2004)

The questions above focus on what countries should be doing. The student must understand what the aims of government should be, in order to frame their answer.
Refer to this link for some general guidelines :


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