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Rewind Repeat # 7 : Know what the question asks for and START CORRECTLY by interpreting wisely

Please remember, you must always begin with suitable interpretations of the important words in the question.

If you begin with poor interpretation, the rest of your essay will be substandard.

If you begin the paragraphs with irrelevant points, then you could very well continue with explanations, that make sense and have flow, but are still not very relevant.

In short, how you start matters a lot.

(Q) How far are the young people in your society prepared for the modern world ?

Read the introduction and 1st body paragraph, with the opening lines of the 2nd body paragraph below.

What does the question expect you to do ?

– Know what the modern world requires young people to be prepared for

– State whether or not the youth are prepared

– Explain why they are or are not prepared

– Show how they demonstrate their preparedness or lack of preparedness

[INTRODUCTION]          The modern world is constantly evolving, epitomising the saying that change is life’s only true constant. The modern world asks of its denizens qualities like adaptability and resilience in the face of perpetual change; creativity and mental adroitness to manage the deluge of information in a knowledge-based economy; a strong moral compass to lead themselves and others when many values are in flux;  and keen business acumen to make the best of even the slimmest chances. I think that young people in Singapore are prepared for the modern world in only some of these requisites.

[1st BODY PARAGRAPH]          Young people in Singapore have been disparaged for being too soft because they are too absorbed in their own school-centred world and because most live in comfort provided for by their parents. Some are tended to by domestic helpers, while others are generally not exposed to experiences outside of the protective confines of school. They have even been criticised for not being able to handle the stress of schoolwork, an early indicator that tougher ‘real world’ concerns like personal relationships, working life and high cost of living will be even more insurmountable for them. Their egos are too fragile;  many cannot take criticism very well, and can be overly sensitive about the remarks that others make. Yet, these delicate young people are inevitably exposed to the harshness of online discourse where ‘flaming’ or ‘trolling’ and other forms of harrassment can be seen on a daily basis. Neither can they run away from the exacting standards set for them by bosses or competition from co-workers. The modern world dictates that they cannot isolate themselves should they want to survive, let alone progress. Thus, in this regard, I find many young people in Singapore not adequately emotionally prepared for the modern world.

[2nd BODY PARAGRAPH]                    Of course, such blanket generalisations are unfair and  not entirely true. Singapore is not short of young trailblazers who show, through their striving in their fields of choice, that they have more mettle than is presumed of their peers. Just consider ….


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