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Rewind Repeat # 6 : How to choose a question

Disclaimer : This tip has helped many students, but if it does not work for you then please be resourceful and look for your own ways that work. Try your way, and get a teacher, tutor or friend to review it.

(1) Choose the question that allows you to organise your ideas systematically.
Go to this link for some systematic approaches:

(2) Choose a question which allows you to generate ideas from a thorough interpretation of the words in the question.
e.g. Are the young people of your society prepared for the challenges of the future ?
– Interpret “challenges”, and you will come up these points : challenges posed by constant change; economic volatility; threat to values; demand for creativity; porous national borders; the aging society etc.
– Interpret “prepared”, and you will come up with these points (the qualities of a prepared person) : resilience, creativity, communication & people skills, cultural empathy, adaptability, tech-savviness, business acumen, compassion, integrity

Hope the tips above can help you to manage (or avoid) complicated questions.
e.g. To what extent should governments regulate scientific development and research ?


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