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13 more weekends to the A-level General Paper exam!

Including this weekend, there are 13 more weekends left to the A-levels.

Some review of the latest pieces of student writing show me that what is still lacking is the resolve to commit some key ideas to memory.

From the writing alone, I can tell that some students have neither efficiently organised their materials nor read them. The ideas in some of the material provided as part of the curriculum are more sophisticated than whatever superficial run-of-the-mill points I have just had to put up with. Many young people cannot arrive at deeper ideas without reading.

Put simply, not reading is self-sabotage.

So get your material in order.

Lecture notes are the foundation from which to start building up an ideas bank.

Comprehension passages provide added ideas – for almost all the lecture topics –  that are even phrased for good impact. So get sufficient exposure to how ideas are put across.

Get familiar with your country. I believe  each group had their on discussion thread prepared for this.

Read daily and write weekly, especially after the preliminary paper.

All the best!


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