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(The ‘Problems’ Question) The Limitations of Various Stakeholders in Problem Solving

The Government :

resource constraints

may have to make unpopular decisions

cannot please all groups

vulnerable to criticism, whatever move it makes

vulnerable to foreign pressure


The Business / Private Sector :

bottomline matters most – this affects the extent of their contribution

still has to work according to the laws of the state


Non-government Groups :

funding and manpower constraints – affects the scale of the effort, and the publicity that it can consequently achieve

still has to work within the boundaries set by law


Schools :

curriculum and assessment – affects the extent of student participation

too many niche interest groups to make significant impact

students are generally seen as powerless

calculative students do not fully appreciate the value of the effort, only the value of points credited to their student record.

hard to guarantee that students will pursue these good efforts once they leave school


Researchers / Academics :

research is expensive and time-consuming

government can set limits on research, and can resist the recommendations presented in research findings

research can be inaccurate, or at worse, fudged


Individuals and the Community :

small scale of efforts; hard to sustain due to manpower and financial limitations – people can be just too preoccupied with the drudgery of daily life

small sphere of influence – family, friends, workplace, neighbours

efforts by  vigilante-type netizens can be unconcerted, uncoordinated, just adding to the cacophony of  causes (esp. online)


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