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Age Is No Barrier – Urban, ST 20 July 2012

In my mother’s generation, it was considered unbecoming for a woman of a certain age to be sporting long girlish tresses…

Last month, Madonna flashed her nipple at her concert in Istanbul and I found myself reflexively thinking, like many others : “Really? At her age?”

Madonna, 53, is increasingly getting flak not so much for her provocative attitude, but the fact that she is an older woman behaving provocatively.

.. society thinks older people should not be thinking or behaving sexy. Or of they do, they certainly should be keeping it under wraps.

But, as we live longer and enjoy more independent lives, thanks to – technology and science, we are now wading into largely uncharted territory when it comes to defining attitudes and behaviour. And it is perhaps time we readjust our thinking accordingly.

With medical advances, women are now having babies at an older age, as late as in their 40s and 50s. We also have more spending power and autonomy over our lives, and we are taking better care of our health and fitness. But we remain circumscribed by society’s notion of what it means to “act our age”.

Madonna will not go gently into the night. Neither will the Rolling Stones who – incredibly – their 50th anniversary this year. Mick Jagger, 68, still prances around on stage like a 25-year-old…

… They are still doing things they did when they were in their 20s. Shouldn’t they be?

… All these would not have been possible in my mother’s generation when ageing gracefully meant quiet retirement in polite below-the-knee dresses and dainty jewellery.

Today, anything is possible, as long as one’s attitudes keep pace with society’s progress.

How does one age gracefully? Surely it goes beyond fretting over the length of one’s hair or hemline. Or keeping 50-year-old cleavage in check. If you have the answer, let me know. in the meantime, I’ll be here with my long hair and my M.A.C make-up, listening to Madonna.
If you don’t get it, the writer of this piece is quite clearly beyond her forties – and cool with it 🙂


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