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How to practise Comprehension on my own

Compre short questions
Can I practise these on my own? How?

To begin, know what to ask yourself when you are doing a close reading of any text. Since short comprehension questions require close reading, you can rehearse common questions with whatever text you are reading.

Ask yourself:

What is the writer’s single,big idea i.e. his thesis ?
What is the writer’s point here/in this paragraph/for saying “….” ?

What does the writer mean when he writes “…………..” ?
What is the meaning of this word/phrase ?

Why does the writer use this word/phrase/reference or illustration/punctuation/analogy etc ?
(i.e. What is his intention/purpose ?)

and Explain the relationship/s that the writer use/s in the text.
This could be a causal relationship, irony/paradox/contradiction, analogy, similarity, difference/contrast etc

Explain the entire argument


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