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‘whereby’ vs ‘where’

(A) The word ‘whereby’ can be used instead of
– ‘by means of”               or
– ‘through which’

Learning a language is a process whereby new vocabulary and grammar structures are acquired.

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(B) The word ‘where’ can be used as a conjunction in the following ways :

– in or at what place, part, point, etc.:
Find where he is. Find where the trouble is.

– in or at the place, part, point, etc., in or at which:
The book is where you left it.
– in a position, case, etc., in which:
Where ignorance is bliss, ’tis folly to be wise.
– in any place, position, case, etc., in which; wherever:
Use the ointment where pain is felt.
– to what or whatever place; to the place or any place to which:
I will go where you go.

– in or at which place; and there:
They came to the town, where they lodged for the night.

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