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AQ for 2005 (2 sample paragraphs)

Requirement 1 : Strategy – Don’t just be a ‘yes’man

The author says that science can reduce aggression in the future. I understand that science tries to provide the poor with the things that they do not have especially resources, so they need not resort to violence, but there are certain facts that prevent this ideal from becoming a reality. The rich already have an advantage that they will not let slide. Even today, there is overwhelming evidence to show that the rich will maximise whatever leverage they have over the poor. When technologically advanced countries like Australia mine in poorer countries like Malaysia, expertise is not transferred to the latter, so workers there remain low skilled and lowly paid, but the mining corporation (in this case, Australia’s Lynus) will get to extract rare earths from Malaysia, which is cheaper than buying the resources. Worse still, the earth is left depleted and contaminated, to the detriment of the locals. The recent protests over this issue show an aggressive response, albeit not a bloody or violent one. Thus, there is no guarantee  that science can reduce aggression.

Requirement 2 : Strategy – Take a long-term view in order to weigh things out

I think that the losses will outweigh the benefits if aggression ceases to be a central feature because our world is so integrated now, and countries compete so intensely that we need that aggression, or a fighting spirit, to keep on our toes. As the writer puts it : aggression helps us evolve and improve our kind. The future is projected to be even more calamitous than ever – environmentally, economically and politically, as seen in the yearly floods and droughts, the wave of uprisings in the Middle East, threats of a next world war and even the teetering of the world banking system on the edge of collapse. If we were to reduce our aggressiveness, it could also be seen as our own lack of hope and will to overcome all these impending challenges. What makes us animal (aggression) is the very thing that makes us human (drive).  To distinguish the two, what we need to do, of course, is to consciously and purposefully harness aggression so it is used to uphold justice and help the weak; and not be used to oppress others or perpetuate gratuitous violence and killing.


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