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You’ve got 2 or 3 weeks before the GP exam. What would you do ?

To those taking the A-levels in November this year, it is likely that your schools would have scheduled at least 3 “practice sessions” in the form of mid-years, or block tests, or the preliminary exams.

Rehearse what you would do about 3 weeks before each of those major tests.
1) Do you have a set of notes that puts together the most essential skills ?
2) Do you have reading material (essays, content notes etc) that you can use to weather the most common issues of the day ? (Do you even know what these common issues are ?)
3) Have you allocated time to review vocabulary (such as the ones covered during your numerous comprehension practice papers) ?
4) Do you think you need to write one or two essays just to make sure you are not ‘rusty’ as the test day approaches ?
5) Or instead of full pieces, have you allocated time just to practise brainstorming and planning for each of the major question types ? (Remember to let someone – a friend, teacher, tutor – review and discuss your essay plans with you)


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