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Corruption in Singapore

For General Paper, we may actually find it difficult to remember all the details to events. This, of course, does not mean that we become sloppy. The key is in identifying what is most important about the case or event.

Take the on-going investigations involving corruption by top civil servants.

I really cannot remember the names of the people involved, but I do remember this : the 2 officers are from agencies that oversee some aspect of national safety and security (the SCDF and CNB, to be precise).
The element of a loss in confidence and trust becomes even more pronounced because of this fact.

Next, this incident comes after some heated debate on the high pay of those in public office. Are handsome pay packets and perks that come with holding high positions still relevant to attract the best people ?
(Last we heard – in parliament, by our elected leaders, no less – the pay is justifiable)

Another issue arises when we find out that the two were scholars, selected and groomed from their youth. What can be said of the effectiveness of our selection process ?

To add, over and above the scandalous affair, is the thought of declining morals in favour  of closing deals and making money.

Apart from this, the investigation by the CPIB got me curious about the checks and balances in place. The MHA oversees agencies or divisions like the CNB, SCDF, SPF, CAD, CID. The CPIB pokes its nose into each ministry including the MHA, making it the external objective party in this investigation. The CPIB answers to the PMO. So Who watches the Watchers ? (Tell me what you think)

In any case, how this scandal is handled will be observed carefully. After all, as I recall, we are ranked 1st, according to the 2010 Transparency International Corruption Index (for being least corrupt)

In a nutshell,
I do not memorise all the factual details,
but I recall the implications of the main twists and turns of the plot, and the background against which this plot unfolds. (i.e. the bits I typed in blue)

(Are we doing a little Lit, or General Paper here ?   ;P)

For those who still want to get to some of the nitty-gritty:,-CNB-director


One thought on “Corruption in Singapore

  1. To be honest, with the corruption case going around, it’s creating a controversy about whether there are other of such cases. With your mention about the CPIB, it really made me wonder if there is anyone monitoring them. From what I know, when the CPIB filed a report, they get it directly to the Prime Minister’s Office, which gives them latitude and freedom to investigate even the high and mighty without too many encumbrances.
    Would it be fair to say that the PMO is the one who monitors the CPIB? But honestly speaking, I think it still boils down to the issue of TRUST. So what is the PMO monitors the CPIB? Then who will monitor the PMO? The question will just go nowhere.
    Ultimately, wouldn’t trust be the most effective means to get things done? I mean, if you place sufficient trust that your CPIB officers won’t do corruption (probably due to them dealing with the first-hand consequences of corruption), then CPIB should be GENERALLY saved from corruption.

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