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Google Earth – Instructions & Links

Note our objectives. We hope that you :
– get exposure to a current technological tool
– be alert to the concerns regarding this tool
– become more aware of what goes on in the world
– appreciate better the role that Google Earth plays in social causes
– begin to learn to leave your own mark in wider community, by creating placemarks

Click here to basic video tutorials

Click here to find out specifically how to annotate Google Earth and save/share your work

Here are some websites you can go to help you : (if the blackout is over!)

List of items to look out for the research
(It’s okay if you can’t find info for all items) :

1) Provide political background of the country (e.g. state of foreign relations with a few other countries, any role in the global stage)

2) Provide background about the society (e.g.main values, cultural composition, age distribution, any conflicts/tensions within society – resolved or not ?)

3)Provide economic background of the country (main resources of the country, economic status, major economic activities, economic problems, solutions – give some significant pros & cons of the policies)

4) Infrastrusture (transport/communication networks, housing, health care, education- major policies in these areas – give some significant pros & cons for these developments)

5)What measures have been put in place to help the disadvantaged in the country. Evaluate the measures briefly. (include govt efforts, NGOs, IGOs, private enterprises etc)

6) Are there any human rights concerns ?

7) Are there any prominent or recent events which this country was involved in ?

Important : How to title your placemark for Google earth
Your placemark title must be in this format :
11s30 HHMM Regional Studies Continent Country
Always save a copy of your document (in .doc format) + send a copy of your placemark (in .kmz format) to the Tutor

Consolidation Tasks:

Panel discussion, with one rep from every continent to present and take questions from the audience

Close with a timed essay task


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