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Writing with Empathy

What is empathy ? How does this make my writing better ?

As our country embarks on Values Education, it would be a good time to consider how preparing to do well in General Paper can play a part in such a big vision.

One value that General Paper promotes is EMPATHY.

EMPATHY is the ability to identify with the feelings or views of another

When a person has EMPATHY,
he thinks deeper about the circumstances that lead to a particular situation. He is aware of the constraints that the various players face. He listens to each party carefully.
He chooses words that highlight this sensitivity.
He wants to offer something hopeful.
(Demonstrating the above will make an essay better.)

EMPATHY is part of a person’s disposition.
It is part of the frame of mind with which a person operates.
It is not something to be ‘switched on’ just for the exams.

EMPATHY leads us to care to find out what is going on.
We ought to train to develop EMPATHY in very everyday situations, from the way we handle relationships at home or the way we respond to the news that we read or watch.

Cultivating EMPATHY has a positive impact on how a person deals with many situations in his personal life and in society way beyond the few short years in pre-university or junior college.


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