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Develop by Illustration

The paragraph below demonstrates how the writer can move from 1 illustration to the next in the developing her point.
Taken from student’s work : )
(Q) Consider whether noise is a problem in modern society.
Noise, be it a  voice or a sound, has been an intergral – even vital – part of communication since the beginning of time. Birds let out warning calls to other birds to alert the imminence of a threat, humans shout out to a careless individual to warn him about an oncoming vehicle. Noise has served its purpose of sending the message of “Beware!” or “Danger!” through many ways such as an air raid siren to herd residents to the safety of an underground bomb shelter. Thus, noise is not a hindrance but an extremely useful tool in the natural world and modern society where danger could lurk in almost every corner of a busy street.

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