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Questions about Change (a favourite)

Developments that question the status quo make for good questions.

So your job is just to :
(1) Ask yourself : What status quo is now being challenged in your society or in the world ?
(2) Prepare notes or essay outlines that answer this question :
To what extent does (this development) affect (the staus quo) ?

Here are just some :




The internet the need for schools
Medicine the need for
a healthy lifestyle
+ Education
+ Technology
Electronics the natural outdoors
Communications technology direct communication
& connection
The internet and computers the conventional book,
or libraries,
or the newspaper
The Gender Rights movement stereotypical
gender roles
Carbon emissions controls the conventional industrial approach to progress,
or the definition of progress itself
Globalisation the value of
the nation state
Medical progress beliefs about aging,  death
Industrial mass production the  value of craftsmanship
Freedom of choice & of speech + lack
of censorship
religion, tradition,
social norms,
moral standards etc.
+ Security Threats
privacy, copyright
Technology (information, medicine, food, transport etc.)  the rich-poor gap
 Science  religion

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