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Rights in a nutshell

What are our fundamental rights ?
1) People have a right to be free and not be enslaved.

2) People have a right to dignity.

3) People have a right to life and the materials that sustain life : food, water, sanitation, healthcare and even education needed to free themselves from want

4)People have a right to choose what to work as, who to marry, where/which country to stay, what to believe in.

Of course, in some cases, demand could exceed supply, and measures have to be implemented to ensure fairness.
(e.g. it is fair to award jobs by meritocracy, it is unfair to deny employment on unmeritocratic grounds such as race or gender)

5) People have a right to legal representation.

Can our rights be restricted ?
Governments have provided grounds to curtail some of these freedoms.
In many cases, the government will evoke the utilitarian principle that the limits set on freedom are for the greater good.

Some of these justifications can – and have been – challenged from time to time.

In order to prevent the abuse of power, people should have the right to organise themselves using civil avenues to oppose what they think is wrong or unfair.
This right should be inalienable.

That is why many people believe in the right to vote.


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