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CONTENT (CRIME & PUNISHMENT) War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity

What is the difference between war crimes & crimes against humanity ? CLICK HERE
What are the different categories of war crimes ? CLICK HERE or HERE
Tell me more about crimes against humanity. CLICK HERE
Are war crimes inevitable ? CLICK HERE
Are war crimes prosecutions inevitable ? CLICK HERE
What is the International Criminal Court ? CLICK HERE

Case Studies :
For updates on the arrests of war criminals
from the former Yugoslavia’s war, click here or here
For the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, click here
For the trial of Saddam Hussein, click here
For the Holocaust Trial of Adolf Eichmann, click here
For the Nuremberg trials, click here
For the Khmer Rouge trials, click here
For a wider range of cases, click here
For viewpoint of American war crimes, click here or here


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