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Science and Technology in a nutshell

1.           Science and technology are generally studied & applied with the aim of making life better.

2.           In general, science and technology are inherently neutral.- How it is used can have both positive and negative effects AS WELL AS intended and unintended effects.

– some forms of technology have been described as being inherently negative because of the way they compel people and societies to change.
3.           However, some forms of technology can shape the way we do things, making them inherently positive or negative in very specific ways.
4.           If science and technology bring about problems, these problems could be alleviated because

– responsible use can be encouraged (or engineered) using public education and government regulation

– in the future, more technology or future innovations could be available to reduce these problems.
5.           Science and technology deepens the rich-poor divide because it is initially expensive. It will get cheaper over time.

6.           Science can be controlled by those who fund it, or by the government through laws, or by the market.


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