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Gender in a nutshell

 Women’s rights movements all  over the world have sought to emancipate women in various ways from the discrimination and abuse that they have faced by virtue of them being physically and biologically different from men.

 Their striving for gender equality has been successful to differing extents across the world.

 The effects of gender equality go beyond securing the rights of women, but also include :
• changing the structure and dynamics within families
• pushing the boundaries of social interaction
• opening up economic opportunities and political possibilities

 Women’s liberation spread the understanding that :
• not all traditional gender roles are eternally fixed domains of either sex.
• illogical stereotypes cannot be made the basis for entrenching inequality and abuse
• the accordance of rights, changes in attitudes, as well as economic exigencies, can lead to the evolution of gender roles for progress

 Yet, perfect gender equality will be elusive, or even foolish, because :
• gender is not fully malleable and not ultimately disposable
• some traditional gender roles can be genuinely justified


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