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Introduction : Interpreting the Question & Terms Right from the Start

Note : Show you understand what the key issues are
i.e. the difference between schools (red font) and the internet (green font),
and the effectiveness of each in carrying out certain – overlapping or distinct – functions

Essay Question : In the age of the internet, do we still need schools ?

The internet age has changed our lives in many significant ways, from the way we make friends to the way we do business, and to the way we champion our political views. Some may even boldly suggest that schools may be on the road to redundancy due to the advent of the internet since the internet does seem to perform a main function of school, which is to facilitate learning. However, the quality of learning done online is debatable on several counts, especially since unlike schools, the internet – as a massive, largely unrestricted virtual space – is far less accountable to its users than schools are to students and their parents. In any case, schools serve other valuable functions for the community and the nation, and thus, cannot be so simply done away with.


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