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(HELPFUL WORDS & PHRASES) Going beyond “safe and sound” language (Topic : Greed)

“Greed” is an inherently negative word that connotes excessive desire because it involves taking more than what one needs. While we cannot ignore that insatiable consumer demand and fierce competition (both by-products of greed) have led to benefits in the form of better tangible and intangible products that increase the quality of our lives, we must admit that when greed is pervasive, the have-nots are likely to be deprived in some way or another because they bear the brunt of someone else’s covetousness. This aside, greed can also be to the personal detriment of those who are avaricious. But greed is a choice. It should not be mistaken for competing or striving for survival when one is compelled to. Bearing this in mind, it is important to recognise that the greedy will inflate their definition of survival in order to justify their unethical motives and actions. Having considered this, my stand is that greed is generally not good and the attempts to sugarcoat its intrinsically undesirable nature are ineffective because the supposed benefits of greed may come at a heavy social cost.


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