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Same Thesis, but Different Introductions : one simple; the other more developed

Essay Question  : Do you think the government should use nuclear energy to solve the country’s increasing demand for energy ?


As Singapore continues to develop, it needs to consume more energy. This leads the government to consider alternatives, including nuclear energy. On one hand, nuclear energy helps Singapore reduce its dependence on fossil fuel and is eco-friendly. On the other hand, Singapore has land constraints, and a nuclear meltdown would be disastrous for Singapore and the region. I think that Singapore should not go ahead to develop nuclear energy because it should not take such a big risk.


Over the last 40 years, Singapore has transformed itself into an advanced First World city. The city-state’s economic miracle would not have been possible without the availability of energy sources to help materialise its dreams of industrialisation and urbanisation. But its present reliance on fossil fuels needs to be addressed in order for it to propel itself even further. The government has tabled the idea of harnessing the potential of nuclear power which is known to be far productive than fossil fuels sans high levels of carbon emissions. Yet, the fact remains that a nuclear meltdown would be cataclysmic not only for Singapore, but for the entire region as well. This leads me to disapprove of the proposal to establish a nuclear plant for Singapore because life is too precious to be put at risk just for the sake of corporeal success.


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