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Should-this-be-done Questions (updated 17 Jan 2013)

Note : You may actually end up using
more than 1 of these in an essay

1. Some actions should be taken for pragmatic reasons

1.1.     do something because it serves a function
(Sample Qn : Should we do away with books now that we have computers?)

1.2.     do something because, upon a cost-benefit analysis, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages
(Sample Qn : Should we encourage air travel ?)

1.3.     do something according to the principle of utilitarianism i.e. the greatest good for the greatest number
(Sample Qn : Should the state be allowed to control the freedom of speech and action ?)

1.4.     do something because it is the lesser of two evils
(Sample Qn : Should the governments of poor countries encourage tourism ?)

1.5.     do something in order to win the war, not just the battle / long term gains outweigh short term losses

1.6.      do not just go for short term gains that have long term losses

1.7.     do something according to the Macchiavelian principle : the ends justifies the means

1.8.     do something according to priorities
e.g. CLICK HERE for Maslow’s Hierarchy : survival needs first, before self-actualisation

1.9.    do something according to the Golden Rule – do unto others what you would have other do unto you

2. Some actions should be taken for moral reasons

2.1.     do something because it is inherently good; conversely, prevent what is inherently bad
(Sample Qn : Is terrorism / gambling / lying ever justified?)

2.2.    do something because it is a responsibility to do it
(Sample Qn : Should the government get involved in the parenting of children ?)

REMINDER : Responsibility should be shared. Everyone has a role, although there could some parties who should do more because they have a greater burden to shoulder

2.3.    do something because if you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem

2.4.    do something good because you are in the better position to act, whereas others cannot

2.5.    do something to uphold rights

2.6.     do something based on principles, not based on emotions or populist sentiments


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