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Problems Questions

Questions about PROBLEMS can sound like this :

(i) Who is responsible for this problem, really?
The answer could be : Consider the parties involved … the problem is usually
(a) a product of a confluence of factors
and responsibility should be shared
(ii) Is this inevitable?

(iii) Is it unsolvable?
The answer could be :
To show that something is inevitable or unsolvable, you may need to show that
•          Not enough time, money, human resources, science, political will and discipline have been put into making these solutions work

•          The solutions that are put in place have flaws / loopholes

•          Some solutions are impractical, too idealistic

•          The root causes of the problem are not addressed

•          There are inextricable conditions that allow the problem to persist despite attempts to solve it

Yet at the end of the day, looking to a higher value or a higher purpose is essential in order to find a way out of this problem

(iv) How extensive is the problem?

(v) Is it really as bad as it is made out to be? Any silver lining ?


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