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Helpful Words & Phrases : Nuggets about FACEBOOK (from Time, 31 May 2010)

Activity : Identify and explain the figurative expressions in the passage below.

Facebook… has joined the ranks of the Web’s great superpowers.
Microsoft made computers easy for everyone to use.
Google helps us search out data.
Youtube keeps us entertained.
But Facebook has a huge advantage over those other sites : the emotional investment of its users.

Facebook makes us smile, shudder, squeeze into photographs so we can see ourselves online later, fret when no one responds to our witty remarks, pause during weddings to update our relationship status to Married or codify a break-up by setting our status back to single.

Facebook has changed our social DNA, making us more accustomed to openness.

Facebook is rich in intimate opportunities – but the company is making money because you are, on some level, broadcasting those moments online.

There’s something unsettling about granting the world front row seats to all our interests. But Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is betting that it’s not unsettling enough for enough people to stop sharing. “The way people think about privacy is changing a bit,” he says “What people want isn’t complete privacy. It isn’t that they want secrecy. It’s that they want control over what they share and what they don’t.”

Want to stop the trend? The onus, as always, is on you to pull your information. Starve the beast dead.


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