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Comparison Questions

Rule of Thumb for Comparison Questions.

If there are only 2 subjects to compare, play safe and make the comparison in each and every paragraph.

But in some other Comparison Questions, the subject in the question may be compared with other factors.

e.g. Should people work ONLY for the sake of passion ?
e.g. Is conformity the MAIN aim of schools ?
e.g. The KEY criterion for a good government is how well it manages the economy. Is this fair ?
e.g. The BEST jobs come with the LOWEST pay. Comment.

Remember to maintain the focus of the discussion on the subject stated in the question. Do not abandon it when ‘other factors’ are discussed. That would be tantamount to your telling your examiner “Sir, I am not interested in the question and topic you set : I just want to write about what I want.”


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