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My First Post : Social Issues Questions

I will be making a slow but sure migration from my old site to this one. For now, I’m going to try to answer the question : How do I study “Social Issues” for GP ?

I am going to do a little investigating on the following areas because almost all social issues questions can be subsumed under these few headings :

1) An affront to current or well-established values, practices, artifacts :
What areas of our lives have been affected by modern developments ?
Why have these changes taken place ?
What are the effects like ?
What have been the responses to these new developments ?
You may consider the erosion of tradition, cultural heritage, language, religion or even nationalism. You may also consider how urbanisation changes the landscape of towns and cities or how collectivism has given way to more individualism.

2) Materialism – money is king :
How did money become king in modern society ?
How is materialism seen in your society (or other parts of the world) ?
What good has come out of this ?
What are the negative effects of a money-centred society ?
You may include a discussion on the causes for the rich-poor divide within and between countries.
You may consider explaining the problems caused by capitalist greed e.g. to the environment or the economy

3) Individualism :
What is individualism ?
What developments have reinforced individualism in modern society ?
What evidence is there of individualism in your society (or other parts of the world) ?
When should individual rights/freedoms be limited ?
Are individualiam and collectivism mutually exclusive ?
You can discuss the progress made in different types of human rights (women’s rights, children’s rights, workers’ rights)
or the proliferation of free speech or the spread of democracy

4) Information/Knowledge Creation and Exchange :
What are the recent developments that have promoted information/knowledge creation and exchange ?
What have the effects been on various aspects of our lives ?
You may consider both the pros and cons in areas such as media (new, social), journalism, advertising

5) Quality of life :
How have various aspects of life changed ?
Why have these changes taken place ?
Has life become better or worse ?
You may consider issues like stress, competition, cost of living, superficiality & image-consciousness, privacy, environmental degradation as well as freedom, science and technology among others


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